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Blogger vs Splog

written by ultraviolet on

As slashdot and ProBlogger said, Google/Blogger/Blogspot reacted to Mark Cuban’s Splog alert. Now they has Word Verification and Flag As Objectionable.

Other than Google, Frank has started a beta version of to find and report splogs.

The splog war is going on.

2 Responses to “Blogger vs Splog”

  1. trackback from Somewhat Frank

    Splog Reporter Improves Functionality With New Look

    The recent release of Splog Reporter was met with much enthusiasm. I received many suggestions and appreciated all of your feedback. The splog URLs have been flying in via the website. However, it did not take long to realize

  2. pingback from Rauru Blog » Blog Archive » Spam Blog を巡る戦い

    [...] Blogspot の flag 機能については 前に書いたけど、Matt Haughey が Blogger有志が毎週土曜日に Blogspot を見回って Spam Blog を見つけては flag ボタンを押して回ろうと提案し、Blogger Buzz の Biz Stone もこれを支持してます。しかしこれに対して BlogHerald はSpam Blog を flag すると称して自分の気にくわない blog を flag しようとする人々が出る恐れを指摘してます。もちろん flag したからと言ってすぐ削除されるわけじゃないんだけど、flag 申告が増えて、Blogspot スタッフによる選別の負荷が増えれば、削除が追いつかなくなって事実上 flag が機能しない、という事態も考えられるわなあ。 [...]

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